11 Best 750 Watt Electric Bike In 2023 (In-Depth Reviews)

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Are you tired of riding the same old 500-watt bike on your commute and getting slower and slower as you go up hills? Do you feel like you have to pedal way too much on steep inclines or rocky countrysides just to get to work or home?

It’s time for an upgrade! You need a 750-watt electric bike.

With a 750-watt electric bike, you’ll get help with pedaling so that you don’t have to work so hard to reach your destination. While it gives you more power, it’s not as overkill and is way less expensive than 1000 or 1500 watt ebikes.

And best of all, only a 750-watt electric bike can help you reach your coveted top speeds without breaking the rules in the US.

Now, if you’re unsure which is the best 750 watt electric bike for you, the following guide is exactly what you want. We’ve been through dozens of 750w ebikes and come up with reviews of the 11 best 750-watt models available today. Let’s help you find yours from them.

How Many Watts Is Good for an Electric Bike?

Watts are just the measure of power that a motor consumes, so they only tell you how much juice your eBike is going to need to run. That’s not very helpful if you’re wondering if you’ll be able to go uphill with your bike.

So, instead, we should ask, “how many watts-per-kg am I getting out of my eBike?”

A kilogram is a unit of weight measurement, and there are 2.2 pounds in a kilogram. This means that you have to convert your weight into kilograms before figuring out how strong your motor needs to be for you to climb hills or accelerate quickly. If you weigh 220 pounds. That would mean that you weigh 100 kilograms.

The speed at which cyclists can ride up hills depends on their weight and the strength of their legs—that’s why some people climb hills faster than others. The higher the watts-per-kilogram number, the quicker you’ll be able to climb up hills with your bike.

Let’s say that the average person could climb hills at 1 meter/second with their body weight. If you have an eBike with a watts-per-kilogram rating of 5, you’ll be able to climb hills at 5 meters/second.

You’ll also want to think about how much acceleration you want from your bike. The more watts-per-kilogram, the quicker your bike will get up to speed. If you’re looking for a bike that can quickly get you from A to B, you’ll want to find one with a high watts-per-kilogram rating.

So, how many watts is good for an electric bike?

It really depends on what you need your bike to do. If you’re looking for speed and acceleration, you’ll want a bike with a high watts-per-kilogram rating. If you’re primarily interested in climbing hills, you’ll need a bike with a lower watts-per-kilogram rating.

But no matter what your needs are, the most important thing is to find an eBike that fits you and your riding style.

Is 750-Watts Enough for an Ebike?

Yes, absolutely! Even though many e-bike motors on the market are above 750-Watts, that’s actually more power than you’ll need. A 750-Watt motor will give you all the power you need with more acceleration. Besides, 750-Watts is the maximum wattage an electric bike can have in most states in the US.

Is 750-Watts Enough for an Ebike

750-Watts is more than enough to get you up any hill, over any terrain, and through any weather conditions. It’s also powerful enough to zip along at speeds of up to 20 MPH or higher (depending on the state you’re in). And once we tell you just how much torque that is, you’ll understand why we’re so specific that it’s more than enough.

750-Watts is 1 horsepower—that’s 1000 Watts. So a 750-Watt motor is 0.75 horsepower, which means it can deliver a torque of about 1 Nm per Watt or 750 Nm of torque overall. That’s a seriously high number for a motor of this size.

You shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting up even the steepest hills with this much muscle working for you.

How Fast Can a 750 Watt Electric Bike Go?

On average, a 750-watt electric bike can go up to 20 miles per hour. This is the speed limit for electric bikes on public roads in the United States. However, the maximum speed of your 750-watt bike may also depend on several factors.

Among these factors, you have the terrain you ride on, the battery of your e-bike, your riding weight, and the amount of electrical assistance applied during your rides. For example, your weight as a rider is a significant factor in determining how fast an electric bike goes.

The heavier the rider, the more effort it takes to move the bike forward and the slower the speed will be. If you weigh around 170 pounds, you may even reach rates as high as 28 MPH. Similarly, riding on hilly terrain as opposed to a flat surface also reduces the average speed.

Additionally, your battery capacity will determine how long you can ride at top speeds. A 750-watt motor will consume more battery power than a 350-watt motor, affecting how fast you can ride an electric bike. Similarly, if you’re applying for electrical assistance while riding, your speed will be higher than if you weren’t receiving help.

In short, the speed of a 750-watt electric bike can vary depending on the factors we’ve mentioned. But on average, this motor will get you up to 20 MPH without any problems.

Comparison Chart:

In case you want to compare the recommendation, here is a quick comparison table with all the top 750-watt electric bike. With this, you definitely will have an overview of the products, but we recommend reading the full review to have a clear idea before making a perchasing decision.

FactorsMax SpeedBatteryCharging timeWheel SizeSeat Height AdjustabilityWeight/Capacity
ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike28 MPH12.8AH 48V Lithium6 Hours20 Inches33.7 – 42 inches64 lbs/330 lbs
DJ Fat Bike 750W 13Ah Electric Bicycle25 MPH13AH 48v Lithium6-8 Hours26 Inches36 – 42.5 inches73.9 lbs/275 lbs
MZZK Fat Tire E-Bike20 MPH13AH 48v Lithium6-8 Hours26 Inches33 – 44 inches68 lbs/260 lbs
AOSTIRMOTOR 750-Watt Electric Mountain Bike28 MPH10AH 48v Lithium6-8 hours26 Inches35 – 43 inches77 lbs/300 lbs
DJ Electric Mountain Bicycle20 MPH13AH 48v Lithium5-7 hours26 x 1.75 Inches37.4 – 42.1 inches68.3 lbs/275 lbs
Eahora X5 Folding Fat Tire E-Bike30 MPH14AH 48v Lithium8+ hours20 Inches34 – 42 inches62.8 lbs/330 lbs
VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W28 MPH15AH 48v Lithium7-8 hours26 Inches35 – 44 inches75 lbs/275 lbs
NAKTO 750W 26" Electric Bike25 MPH15.6 AH 48v Lithium7-8 hours26 Inches34 – 42 inches98 lbs/300 lbs
TESGO Electric Bike for Adults 750W30 MPH12 AH 48V Lithium6-8 Hours20 Inches32 – 43 inches55 lbs/250 lbs
SOHOO 750W 26-inch Step-Thru Beach Cruiser28 MPH16 AH 48V Lithium8+ Hours26 Inches32 – 38 inches77 lbs/330 lbs
Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike35 MPH13AH 48v Lithium7-8 hours26 Inches33 – 42 inches66 lbs/360 lbs

11 Best 750 Watt Electric Bike Reviews

Now let’s explore our in-depth reviews of the 11 best 750 watt electric bike.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

1. ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike for Adults – Editor’s Choice

There’s a reason the ENGWE Ebike is one of the best-selling 750w fat tire electric bikes out there. It’s sturdy, reliable, and has all the performance you want in an e-bike. This bike is for you if you’re looking for a bike that can handle your weight, ride like the wind, and make heads turn while you’re at it.

ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike for Adults

High-Performance Battery and Motor:

The ENGWE foldable electric bike has a 750-watt motor, which is pretty impressive. It has seven different speed levels, so you can quickly get up to the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or just coast at a lower level.

You’ve also got the option to turn on the throttle mode and see how far you can go—the battery will last for 34 miles in that mode.

If you need a little more juice, there’s always the option to purchase an extra battery to switch it out when your first one runs out after six hours of charging (it will give you 100% charge).

Tough, Foldable Design:

This e-bike is truly built to last, and its aluminum alloy frame will stand up to whatever you throw at it—even steep mountains and rugged terrain with cracks. As it also features foldable pedals, you can use the moto-speed system any time you want to give your feet a break from pedaling or if you’d prefer a more hands-off approach as you ride.

And if you’re worried about bumps and cracks in the road affecting your ride quality, don’t fret—the front fork and central shock absorber are both designed to absorb shocks and lower the impact of rough roads to glide over them with ease.

Safe-Distance, Quick-Acting Disc Brakes:

The bike is equipped with quick and effective disc brakes—200mm and 175mm at the front and rear, respectively. Combining these two ensures the bike’s braking system maintains a safe distance as you apply the brake.

Besides, the bike’s specially designed e-brake lever makes it super-easy to stop your electric bike in its tracks by cutting off the electrical power right away once you pull the lever. That means you can instantly halt when you need to, without worrying about the added stress of figuring out how to operate your bike’s braking mechanism.

Effortless Control:

This electric bicycle is a breeze to control. It’s 750 watts of pure power, and you can decide how much of that power to use with a twist of the throttle or pedaling. You can get 5 different speeds by varying the level of pedal assistance: 9, 15, 20, 25, and 28 miles per hour.

Convenient and Dependable Configurations:

While riding the ENGWE, you can keep track of your progress on the LCD screen, and when it gets dark (or even if it’s just a little gloomy), the automatic headlight will come on automatically to keep lighting up your way.

Meanwhile, no problem if you want to play music while riding or making essential phone calls. A phone mount is there on this ebike that keeps a phone in place and also charges it through the battery as you ride.

And for whatever you might be carrying with you on your ride—whether it’s a picnic basket or a full-on camping kit—there are both fenders and a rack to keep all of that stuff safe and secure.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 64 lbs/330 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 20 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 28 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 33.7 – 42 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 12.8 AH 48V Lithium/6 Hours
  • Designed for high speed, robustness, and foldability
  • Quick-acting, safe-distance disc brakes
  • Automatic front lights adjust to the environment’s lighting
  • Multifunctional LCD screen
  • Superior protection from fluid disruption with waterproof connectors
  • Tremendous load capacity
  • Hard-to-understand instructions


The ENGWE is an excellent choice for those looking for a power-packed, dependable electric bike that can take them anywhere they need to go. Its high speed, robust build, and foldable design make it a perfect commuter bike for hitting the trails on the weekends.

2. DJ Fat Bike 750W 13Ah Electric Bicycle – Best for Hilly Terrains

The DJ 750W e-bike is like a little engine that combines modern technology with nostalgic inspiration in a ride that’ll get you cruising through mountains and sloppy hills in style. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what makes this bike unique.

DJ Fat Bike 750W 13Ah Electric Bicycle

Cost-Efficient and High-Performance Mountain E-Bike:

The 750-watt motor gives you the power to tackle rugged trails and tricky terrain. You’ll be able to climb hills like they’re nothing, and you’ll enjoy a stress-free ride as you explore.

When it comes to power and efficiency, this e-bike really delivers. The 48v removable 13AH Lithium battery, powered by Samsung battery cells, is easy to charge on the frame or anywhere else with a plug. And it takes no more than six to eight hours to be fully charged.

Robust Tires for Rough Terrain:

The DJ Fat Tire electric bike is built to handle the rough stuff. It features 26 by 4-inch fat tires, durable enough to withstand harsh and uneven terrain, e it mountains or steep gravel roads. Plus, it’s ninety percent pre-assembled, so you can get up and running in no time. And with a max speed of 25 MPH, you can get where you’re going fast.

Ensured Safety:

This bike’s a safe, sturdy ride—it’s certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as an e-bike that can take on all types of terrain. That means it’s passed the highest safety standards, so you can feel good about using it. With its disc brakes, you’ll be able to control it easily, even when you’re going at high speeds.

Convenient Configurations:

You’ll love the 36-volt LCD display on this bike. Besides allowing you to monitor the distance, speed, and battery power, it also has 5 different pedal assistance levels, so you can customize your ride as preferred.

Ride at 180° for motor activation—then choose from 7 different speeds to ensure you always have the mobility and control you need. In addition, you can make use of the USB port to charge your phone while riding (you will need a separate phone holder).

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Grade Aluminum
  • Weight/Capacity: 73.9 lbs/275 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 25 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 36 – 42.5 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 48v 13AH Lithium/6-8 Hours
  • Designed to withstand mountain riding
  • A balanced riding solution for heavyweight riders
  • Unique seat shocks improve riding comfort
  • LCD screen tracks speed, mileage, and more
  • Five levels of pedal assistance
  • A few people may find it too high.


The DJ Fat Bike 750W e-bike is the perfect solution for mountain riding. It’s safe to ride on all types of terrain with 25 MPH max speed and comes in various configurations. Whether you’re looking for an economical bike that can tackle challenging trails or if you need a high-powered machine to help you get up steep hills, the DJ Fat Bike is a great choice.

3. MZZK 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike – Best for the Budget

The MZZK Electric bike is a sleek, lightweight, high-efficiency e-bike with an intelligent control system. Its brushless motor allows for top-notch speeds on and off the road, meaning you can take this bike anywhere without sacrificing quality and performance. Find out more below.

MZZK 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Powerful Brushless Motor:

The MZZK Mountain Bike has a high-performance 48 volts, 750-watt brushless motor. It can get you up to 20 mph, while the 5-level Intuitive Power Assistance System helps you find your perfect speed. The IPAS can rev up your bike’s speed using its powerful engine, giving you enough power to match your commuting needs.

Digital Control Unit:

This bike comes with a digital control circuit that allows you to optimize its performance in three different ways. You can ride it like your typical bike or use the pedal assistance mode, which powers up the bicycle when pedaling. Or, if you’d instead just let itself take over, there’s also an all-electric setting.

Replaceable and Removable Battery:

The MZZK mountain bike comes with a removable 48V 13Ah battery that can take up to 35 miles in full-electric mode using only one full charge. When using the Pedal Assist mode, you can ride up to 40 to 60 miles, and the battery comes with a secure BMS technology for extra confidence.

It’s easy to replace the battery when it runs out of power—you simply detach it from the bike and charge it separate from the bike. It also features a power button to turn on or off your battery as desired.

Robust Yet Lightweight Build:

This e-bike is a high-quality ride that’s sleek, solid, and lightweight. With a 6061 aluminum alloy frame and 26-inch diameter tires, the MZZK Mountain bike is perfect for any terrain, whether grassy, mountainous or even sandy.

It also comes with a Shimano 7-speed transmission system and fat tires that offer great suspension to smooth out your ride to make you comfortable no matter where your adventure takes you.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 68 lbs/260 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 20 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 33 – 44 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 13AH 48v Lithium/6-8 Hours
  • Exceptional battery management system
  • Streamlining PAS
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Robust yet lightweight build
  • Digitalized control unit
  • Affordable
  • Not the easiest to assemble


The MZZK Mountain Bike is an affordable option for those looking to get on a bike with excellent battery management and a robust yet lightweight build. It may not be the easiest to put together. Still, with its high-efficiency brushless motor, digitalized control unit, and removable/replaceable battery, this product should last you for many rides to come.

4. AOSTIRMOTOR 750-Watt Electric Mountain Bike – Best for Uphill Rides

If you’re looking for a quality electric mountain bike that can handle a variety of terrain, the AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike is a great option. It has three working modes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, and it comes with a removable battery that supports up to 25mph. Read on to learn more.

AOSTIRMOTOR 750-Watt Electric Mountain Bike

High Adaptability to Rough Terrain:

This electric bike is a strong performer on all surfaces. With its fat tires and shock absorbers, it lets you ride on dirt, gravel, sand, ice, and even beach sand without any loss of balance. Whether you prefer long rides or all-terrain exploring, this bike will have your back on all surfaces.

Three Different Riding Modes:

The AOSTIRMOTOR electric mountain bike has three working modes to choose from. You can go full electric for a leisurely ride, use the pedal-assist mode when you need a little help, or switch to the normal pedaling mode when you want to get a workout in. No matter what your riding style is, this bike has you covered.

Convenient USB Charging Port:

There’s also a USB port on the bike’s display panel, so you can charge your phone while you’re riding. This is great for long rides when you need to keep your phone handy during emergencies.

Removable and Replaceable Battery:

The battery on this bike is removable, so you can charge it separately from the bike. It’s also replaceable, so you can easily do so if you ever need to replace it. If you’re a long-riding freak and consistently use up all the battery power, this handy feature enables you to keep a spare battery on hand to swap out.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 77 lbs/300 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 28 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 35 – 43 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 10AH 48v Lithium/6-8 hours
  • Provides superior traction for riding uphill with super-efficient tires
  • Enhanced balance during riding through complex topographies
  • Fast-charging battery with long life
  • Maximum shock absorption with aluminum suspensions
  • Stylish, sturdy, and comfortable
  • Pretty heavy
  • Noisy brakes


The AOSTIRMOTOR translates into this list’s best 750 Watt Electric Mountain Bike for anyone looking for a quality electric bike that can tackle virtually any terrain. It’s got a powerful motor, three working modes, and a removable battery that makes it easy to keep riding all day long, especially if you’re into uphill rides.

5. DJ 750-Watt Electric Mountain Bike – Best for Mobility

If you are the type of person who enjoys a little mountainous adventure, this is your 750 Watt mountain e-bike. You’ll love it for commuting to work, casual riding around town, or a nice long ride through the countryside. Several significant features make riding this electric bike very enjoyable. Take a closer look.

DJ 750-Watt Electric Mountain Bike

Driven by a Stable, Powerful Motor:

The DJ Mountain E-Bike has a powerful motor and impressive battery. The 750-watt e-bike blends ease with stability while driving you over steep hills and mountains. Its 80 Nm torque capacity gives you the strength to navigate through mountainous terrain, on or off-road. Commuting, casual riding, or tearing up a mountain trail—this e-bike has got your back.

Safety Ensured with Quality Design and Build:

This electric mountain bike is built for long-lasting characteristics and safety. Its stainless aluminum frame is resistant to corrosion and promotes durability, which means you’ll be able to keep riding this bike for a long time.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of the 7-speed levels its SHIMANO gear delivers. This gives you the ability to easily get through hilly or sloppy terrain, so your ride stays smooth no matter the road conditions.

You can also shift between its Pedal-assist mode and thumb throttle whenever you need to. The Pedal Assist feature has 5-speed levels, so you can find a suitable one that works great for each situation.

Excellent Support-Assisted Control:

The DJ is an excellent option if you’re looking for precise control. Its adjustable fork suspensions work as preload and lockout controls, allowing you to choose the correct setting for smooth and convenient outings, even on irregular terrain.

Moreover, with its top-of-the-line LCD display, monitoring the battery life, riding distance, speed range, pedal-assist, time, and similar metrics is super-easy. You’ll have all the vital readings at your fingertips to ensure complete control over your movement.

Excellent Accessories at a Perfect Price:

Finding an e-bike with the right accessories at the right price can be a challenge, but not when you have this one—it comes with everything you’re looking for and at a great price.

The bike comes equipped with fenders at the front and rear along with an adjustable seat that doubles as a shock for a smooth, comfortable ride. You’ll be riding on puncture-resistant tires designed to stay durable and stable, no matter what you intend to use them for.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: Stainless Aluminum
  • Weight/Capacity: 68.3lbs/275 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 1.75 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 20 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 36.4 – 42.1 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 48v 13AH Lithium/5-7 hours
  • Five quick-acting levels of Pedal Assist
  • Quick-release front tire
  • Lockout and preloads on the front suspension
  • Powerful LED headlights
  • High-performing removable battery
  • Not an easy-to-assemble e-bike


If you are looking for a quality electric bike with superior mobility support, the DJ Mountain e-bike makes a wise selection. It boasts the ability to handle any terrain with its stable motor and adjustable fork suspension. With this 750 Watt electric mountain bike, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy your ride in style anywhere.

6. Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike – Best for Hauling

If you’re constantly hauling loads on the rack of your bike, you need a bike that can handle the weight and still get you up and down on rough terrains full of bumpy rides. The Eahora X5 750W Electric bike can do just that. Here’s why it’s such a tremendous hauling machine.

Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike

All-Terrain Suitability:

The Eahora electric bike has your back no matter what terrain you take it on. The wide tires are anti-flat and anti-slip, so you’ll be able to ride over snow and sand with ease. They also provide superb grip on steep hills.

Because of its 750 watts brushless motor and 48V battery, the Eahora can produce a maximum torque of 35 Nm, resulting in 28 MPH max speed. The battery is also removable, so you can charge it on or off the frame at a convenient location.

Excellent Control with Monitoring:

The bike’s LCD display makes for a straightforward way to keep track of information about your ride, like the battery levels, speed, distance covered, temperature, and time.

Controlling this bike is super straightforward and convenient through its hydraulic braking system. It features front and hind disc brakes that make stopping as simple as possible. Moreover, the alloy hydraulic suspension shocks help you cruise over cracks and bumps without feeling a thing.

Power Recovery Technology:

This electric bike is an efficient machine that can charge its battery during your downhill ride, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re on an adventure.

You’ll automatically generate 20% power when you turn the Pedal Assist Mode on and are riding at more than 15 MPH—the battery will begin to charge itself. The intelligent sensor will engage and regenerate 60% of your energy through a Zero Power Consumption System if you’re riding downhill at any angle.

And with 8 different SHIMANO speed levels, you can easily find the speed that feels most comfortable for you.

Robust and Simplified Design:

The Eahora boasts a sturdy, streamlined design that’s both comfortable and convenient. It’s built with an alloyed aluminum frame to keep you steady on rugged roads. In addition to the front and back fenders, the bike comes with a solid aluminum bracket for packages, bags, or anything else you need to carry along.

Besides, it has a headlight at the front and rear light, so you’ll have plenty of illumination in dark or low-light settings. The cushy handlebar makes it easy to twist the throttle, and the soft saddle provides extra safety.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 62.8 lbs/330 lbs
  • Wheel size: 20 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 30 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 34 – 42 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 14AH 48v Lithium/8+ hours
  • Tremendous load capacity
  • Highly adaptable for different terrains
  • Recycle power with I-ERS
  • 7-speed control with thumb throttle
  • Battery with long life and high-speed motor
  • Non-adjustable rear damper
  • Takes too long to charge


If you’re always carrying heavy loads on the rack of your bike, this would be the electric bike to consider. It’s strong enough to handle any terrain, and it can also be charged while riding downhill through its power recovery system. It also makes a perfect choice if you’re always busy commuting without worrying about the battery running out of power.

7. VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W – Best Fat-Tire E-Bike

Velowave is your go-to option when choosing the best 750 watt electric bicycle with fat tires. Not only does it give you the power you need to conquer steep and sloppy hills, but it also cruises through any terrain with ease—making it a great choice for all kinds of adventures. But there’s more.

VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W

Outstanding Motor Performance:

The Velowave 750w e-bike lets you take a long way home. With a powerful 15Ah, 48V lithium battery, 80 Nm torque, and 7 speeds, you can conquer any slope, from a slight grade to a steep hill or even a mountain.

With its combined power and performance, you get the best riding experience possible—ready for leisurely rides on the boardwalk or long journeys through the most challenging environments.

Intelligent Construction:

The Velowave’s hydraulic fluid brake system and power-off electric brake system enable easy halting of the bike. Moreover, the brake lever cuts off the electrical power from your motor and battery. A quick push of the lever gives you a fast stop so that you don’t have to worry about slowing down or stopping on a dime.

The bike features a 203mm disc rotor on the front brake and a 160/180mm disc rotor on the rear. This combination allows for easier braking with fewer efforts, so you can hit the brakes hard without worrying about crashing.

The fat tire is designed for maximum friction in all road situations, so you’ll get maximum traction whether you’re taking your bike on snow, beach, mountain, or rough roads.

Exceptional Monitoring and Control:

This bike is designed to give you a leg up on the competition—no matter what your competition is. Monitor your riding statistics with the bike’s LCD screen, which displays your battery capacity, trip duration, motor display, ambient temperature, and so forth.

And then take that information and use it to your advantage. The bike’s fully programmable control system lets you switch between throttle mode or the Pedal Assist Mode anytime to adjust and adapt to any terrain.

Exceptional Dual Shock-Absorption System:

This bike makes an excellent full suspension electric bike with its carbon steel-made double suspension that ensures you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re out on your ride. The dual suspension absorbs shock, which both increases your comfort and helps ensure your safety.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight/Capacity: 75 lbs/275 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 28 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 35 – 44 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 15AH 48v Lithium/7-8 hours
  • Powerful motor with a torque of 80 Nm and a max output of 1300 watts
  • Dual adjustable suspension increases your stability
  • Pedal assisted and throttle modes available for cruising
  • Gigantic tires that can handle lower PSI levels
  • The battery appears to be draining faster.


The Velowave Electric Bike Adults 750W is a unique fat-tire e-bike with a powerful motor producing a torque of 80 Nm and a max output of 1300 watts. And its dual adjustable suspension increases your stability for a comfortable ride. It’s the best 750 w ebike for anyone seeking a high-performance, durable fat-tire electric bicycle.

8. NAKTO 26″ 750W Electric Bike – Best All-Purpose E-Bike

If you’re looking for a handy e-bike that cuts through the snow, can handle steep hills, and rides through gravel roads, the Nakto 26-inch fat bike can be an exceptional choice. This sleek, powerful electric bike barely disappoints in handling just about anything you throw at it.

NAKTO 26_ 750W Electric Bike

Exceptional Power Output:

With a 750-watt brushless motor, the Nakto is designed to ride on rough roads with ease. Its 48-volt battery provides up to 25 MPH of speed, and it’s capable of carrying a maximum weight of 300 lbs. So even if you’re riding uphill, the Nakto can handle it.

Convenient Maneuvering:

It’s hardly a problem if you don’t feel fit enough to pedal on the Nakto. With this bike’s 180-degree turn on the wheels, you can get started with a flick of your wrist.

Once you get going, the Shimano 7-speed shift allows you to control the speed with precision, and a half grip handle throttle helps you keep the pace where you want it. Even better, its heavy suspension fork with an American standard valve stem ensures an incredibly smooth ride on any terrain.

Digital Control Assistance:

The 36V digital power monitor included with this eBike gives you all kinds of helpful info as you ride, like your speed, your cruising option, and the gear status. You can even set your speed limit on the monitor and control it with the corresponding button controllers near the headlight switch. Furthermore, a USB port with a device holder makes it easy to charge your phone.

Intuitive Design for Relaxed Rides:

This fat tire e-bike is truly built to last. It’s made with the most durable aluminum body on the market and comes pre-assembled to 90%, so you can be up and riding in no time. Thanks to its disk brakes, this bike is also a breeze to control. And if you’re looking for smooth sailing, this bike’s suspension fork has your back.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: Stainless Aluminum
  • Weight/Capacity: 98 lbs/300 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 25 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 34 – 42 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 15.6 AH 48v Lithium/7-8 hours
  • LCD monitor displays helpful riding stats
  • Excellent weight capacity for heavier riders
  • High-resilience aluminum build
  • 4-inch treaded tires for smoother all-terrain rides
  • Digital cruise control with pedal assistance
  • Relatively low mileage with 30 miles
  • Pretty heavy


The Nakto has to be your bike if you’re after a high-quality fat tire e-bike that can serve it all. It’s got a durable aluminum frame to withstand rough roads and cruise control to maintain a constant speed. Whether riding on gravel, mud, snow, or just commuting to work, this bike will get you where you need to go in style.

9. TESGO 750W Electric Bike for Adults – Best Foldable

This Tesgo is a reliable, affordable, and durable electric bike anyone can use to zip around the city or power through the wilderness. It’s made with first-rate components that enable you to handle the most challenging terrains. Get more info below.

TESGO 750W Electric Bike

Reliable Motor and Battery Performance:

The battery and motor work together to create a great bicycling experience. Its 750-watt powerful motor can produce up to 1000 watts, which gives the bike enough power to travel even the steepest hills. It also does not require maintenance and has 80 Nm of max torque output.

You’ll only have to twist your key, and the battery will start charging. The 12AH 48V removable battery ensures you get enduring performance. The bike offers eight different speed options for riders, depending on their needs.

Effortless Folding Mechanism:

This electric bike’s unique folding mechanism makes it a breeze to transport wherever you want, to wherever you need it. And the high-quality flat-resistant 20-inch tires are durable enough to support whatever biking terrain you’re riding on. And despite the e-bike’s exceptional durability, it’s available at a surprisingly moderate price.

Functions on Multiple Levels:

The Tesgo Folding e-bike has great functionality across the board. The bike offers a solid and reliable solution for multipurpose cruising with its aluminum alloy design.

It combines a twist throttle with a 5-level PAS Mode to give you great options for how you want to ride. You can also adjust the suspension fork for stability and smoothness on bumpy roads.

Intuitive and Highly Adaptive Control System:

This 750w electric bike is designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible. It features an adjustable quick-release, shock-absorber seat alongside other accessories, including rear racks and back and front fenders.

Furthermore, the e-bike includes an LCD monitor to display your stats and helpful information. You can even charge your mobile on the go via a USB port.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 55 lbs/250 lbs
  • Wheel size: 20 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 8 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 30 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 32 – 43 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 12 AH 48V Lithium/6-8 Hours
  • Effortless assembling within minutes
  • Quick folding/unfolding mechanism for faster transport
  • High reliability at an affordable price
  • High-capacity front racks for package loading
  • The battery appears to drain faster
  • The wiring appears cheap


Tesgo’s folding 750-watt electric bike is built to last with high-quality, sturdy components. This bike promises to meet your needs no matter what terrain you prefer. And because of its excellent combination of affordability and durability, this can be the best 750 watt folding electric bike for any cyclist.

10. SOHOO 750W 26″ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser – Best for Power Efficiency

Sohoo cares about your comfort and safety. That’s why, when you pick up a 750-watt e-bike, you’ll find all the features you need to ensure maximum protection and ease. On top of that, it promises you a delightful experience on each ride. Here are a few more reasons to pick it.

SOHOO 750W 26_ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser

Power Efficient Battery and Motor:

With a 48-volt battery and brushless geared motor, this bike is not only fast but reliable. The IPAS Energy Control System helps prevent energy loss and increase battery life.

Monitoring your riding status makes sure the battery gets the perfect amount of energy from the motor to propel maximum performance. This energy-conserving system allows this bike to save up to 50% of its electric power.

Intelligently Designed for Convenience:

This sturdy bike is built to last and comes with accessories that ensure a smooth ride and comfort. Its 4-inch fat tires offer exceptional traction on any surface, including wet, snow, sand, and steep roads. The front shocks absorb bumps and provide a relaxing, comfortable ride.

This bike will never leave you in the dark. Even on the darkest nights, its front headlight and rear light illuminate your path seamlessly. Besides, commuting with packages, bags and loads is easy with the rack on the back.

Effortless Assembly:

Whether you’re headed to the park for a picnic or taking your bike off-road for some mountain biking, the bike’s quick-fold feature makes it easy to carry. You’ll be on the road in no time since the e-bike comes 97% assembled, so you can get back to riding even faster.

Enhanced Assist-Control:

The Sohoo e-bike IPAS mode has a brilliant controlling capacity that brings out the best efficiency from the battery, stabilizing its power consumption rate. It lets you travel up to 60 to 80 miles on this mode and about 40 miles using the traditional electric way.

It also has a combination of mechanical brakes to keep you safe. That means you’ll never have to worry about your bike breaking down or stopping quickly, even when you’re going fast.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight/Capacity: 77 lbs/330 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Max Speed: 28 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 32 – 38 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 16 AH 48V Lithium/8+ Hours
  • Advanced monitoring with intelligent battery controlling
  • Folding and comfortable bike ideal for commuting
  • IPAS Control System for superior power efficiency
  • Stronger riding protection with seat shocks and mechanical brakes
  • Takes too long to charge
  • Not ideal for riders taller than 5’9”


The Sohoo 750W 26-inch Step-Thru Beach Cruiser is a power-efficient electric bike with many features to make your ride more comfortable and safe. The IPAS Control System is a massive plus since it helps prevent energy loss and increase battery life, while the 4-inch fat tires offer exceptional traction on any surface.

11. Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike – Best Cruiser Electric Bike

If you’re looking for an electric cruiser bike that rides well both on and off-road, then the Cyrusher XF800 can be an excellent pick. You’re bound to fall in love with its cruiser style and super-strong frame. Here are some of our favorite features.

Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

Elegant Design and Build:

You’ll be impressed by the Cyrusher bike’s aesthetics and construction—not to mention its giant wheels. It boasts massive 26 x 4-inch fat tires, which are easy to adjust alongside the height-adjustable seat. The makers have constructed the bike’s different parts using high-strength aluminum, carbon steel, and top-quality leather.

Mechanisms with Outstanding Power:

The Cyrusher XF800 is built for power, with a 750-watt mid-drive motor that can reach speeds of up to 1500 watts of peak power. With a 1:5 reduction ratio and 80 nm max torque, it’s an ideal hybrid e-bike and one of the market’s best. This bike also has a Samsung 48-volt lithium-ion removable battery, which is waterproof for hitch-free use.

Adaptable Wheels and Rims:

The bike can go anywhere you want it to, whether it’s a gravel road or a mountain range. The 4-inch wide tires will help you cruise through mud and snow, making your ride smooth and fast. Thanks to the high-end rims and forks, you’ll hardly encounter any bumps, and the easy-to-use controls will make riding a breeze.

High-Tech Controlling System:

With its top-notch brake mechanism and LCD monitor, the Cyrusher is a breeze to control. It can show you your current mileage, temperature, overall distance with PAS control, trip signal, battery range, and power display to help you ride with optimal control.

It boasts fast-acting 200 mm hydraulic disc brakes for convenient halting. Plus, it offers carbon steel-made solid suspension forks. Furthermore, combining a half grip throttle with the 7-speed Shimano rear cassette and shift will further smooth your bicycling adventure.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight/Capacity: 66 lbs/360 lbs
  • Wheel size: 26 x 4 Inches
  • Speed Levels: 7 adjustment levels
  • Maximum Speed: 35 MPH
  • Seat Height Adjustability: 33 – 42 inches
  • Battery/Charging Time: Removable 13AH 48v Lithium/7-8 hours
  • Can exert 80 Nm of torque, producing a max output of 1500-watt
  • Features a dual suspension system for an improved stability
  • Various cruising modes with throttle and Pedal Assist Modes
  • Massive treaded tires to support your cycling on lower PSIs
  • Large LCD screen for advanced ride monitoring
  • Brakes hard; not suitable for downhill rides


The Cyrusher XF800 is a high-quality 750w ebike for anyone looking for a cruiser-style e-bike. It has a strong aluminum frame, large wheels with fat tires, and a top-of-the-line controlling system. Plus, its LCD monitor makes it easy to control your ride. While it does have some hard brakes, it’s otherwise an excellent pick for anyone in the market for a new electric bike.

How to Choose the Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

Buying the right 750w electric bike can be overwhelming, especially when getting a 750-watt powerful motor.  So, to ease things for you, we’ve put together this electric bike buying guide to ensure you don’t miss any crucial bits during your search.

How to Choose the Best 750 Watt Electric Bike

Decide the Type You Need

Once you’ve decided to go for a 750-watt e-bike, the first thing to focus on is the type of bike you’ll need. Let’s take a look at your options.

  • Folding: If you have limited storage space, or need to be able to fold up and carry your bike, then a folding bike might be the choice for you. The best folding bikes are lightweight and easy to fold and store away. Some even come with their own carrying case, so you can tuck them in and carry them on your way to work!
  • Step-Through: A step-through frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting of the bike, even if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. These bikes also tend to have higher handlebars to be easier on your back as you ride.
  • Fat-Tire: Fat tires allow better traction in demanding terrains like sand, snow, or mud. If you expect to have any of these conditions where you’ll be riding, fat tires will help keep you safe and stable.
  • Non-Fat-Tire: These are less common, but some 750-watt electric bikes don’t have flat tires. These are typically lighter-weight and faster on paved surfaces.

Battery Type and Motor Speed

Essentially, the heart and soul of an e-bike are the battery and motor. When you’re looking for an e-bike, you’re probably going to look at the wattage of the motor.

The higher the wattage, the better your bike will perform. But when it comes to 750-watt bikes, make sure you remember to check how far and how fast your bike can go before buying.

Also, keep in mind that certain brands of motors and batteries are more reliable than others. You want to be sure that your motor is made by a reputable manufacturer, like Bafang or Bosch, and that your battery was made by a company known for reliability, like Samsung, Bafang, or LG.

While there are many high-quality electric bikes on the market today, not all of them have the same level of power or performance.

Battery Capacity and Charging Time

The battery capacity of your electric bike is measured in Watt-hours (Wh) or Amp-hours (Ah). There is about 1000 Wh of energy in one Ah. A higher number means that your battery will last longer before it needs to be recharged. This is particularly important if you have a long commute or ride a lot each day.

Battery Capacity and Charging Time

For example, if you were looking at two different bikes with different batteries: one has a 500 Wh battery, and the other has a 700 Wh battery. If they both have motors rated at 750 watts, then the one with the 700 Wh battery would last longer per charge than the one with the 500 Wh battery because it has more stored energy.

In terms of charging time, this depends on whether or not you have a standard bike charger or a fast bike charger. Regular chargers take around 6-8 hours to fully recharge your battery, but it may only take 5 hours or less to fully charge your battery if you have an advanced fast charger.

Range On Full charge

This is a significant consideration for most people when buying an electric bike. The range of an electric bike is the distance it can travel on a single charge. The mileage varies depending on your electric bike of choice, but many have a range of up to 50 miles.

You’re also going to want to think about how you’ll be using your electric bike. Will you be using it for commuting or just for leisure? These factors will play into what mileage you need from your bike.

Tires (Type and size)

Like a regular bike, tires are an essential part of the e-bike. The size will be similar to an ordinary bicycle’s and is often 20” or 26”. However, because the weight of the e-bike is much greater, it will require thicker tires ( ideally 4 inches) for better support.

In addition to being thick, these tires should also have deep treads to provide you with better traction. This is particularly important if you’re using the bike on gravel or dirt roads rather than just paved paths.

The final consideration is whether you want knobby or slick tires. Knobby tires are what you might find on a mountain bike and provide deep grooves that safely help you get through dirt or mud.

Slick tires have no treads and are what you would find on road bikes because they provide less rolling resistance and make it easier to travel quickly over paved surfaces.

Speed Level

Most 750-watt electric bikes are designed to go up to 28 miles per hour, the highest legal standard at this power level. However, they have motors that can only run at the top speed if you’re pedaling in a certain way.

You’ll want to pedal as fast as you can without putting too much strain on your body and without being in danger of falling over. If your bike doesn’t go faster than 20 miles per hour (which is still quite fast), that’s a good starting point when choosing the best 750 Watt electric bike.

Pedal Assist System and Throttle Mode

Most electric bikes are equipped with a Pedal Assist System (PAS) that lets you use the bike as a regular bike and assist you pedal. The PAS usually has 5 levels of assistance and can be controlled by a button on the handlebar. You can set it to one level higher or lower each time you press the button or use all five.

On the other hand, the throttle mode is used to fully use the electric motor’s power without using the pedals. So if you want to relax while cycling, this is an excellent option.

Display (And control)

The display of the bike should be easily readable and understandable. It should give you all the vital information you need. Speed, battery life, and distance traveled are some of the most important things you need to enjoy your ride and take maximum advantage of it. If the display is not clear and visible, it can affect your ride negatively.

Weight and Capacity

Weight matters when it comes to an electric bike. A heavier bicycle will be more difficult to pedal and could also strain the motor. Conversely, a lighter bike may not have the power you need to get up hills or ride in stop-and-go traffic.

The capacity of an electric bike is also essential. This is the weight that the cycle can support, including the rider, cargo, and anything else you might want to bring along. Most electric bikes have a capacity of 250 pounds or less. If you need a bike that can support more weight, you may want to look into a cargo bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about 750-watt electric bikes online. If you’ve also been asking the same, we’ve got you covered:

What Is the Best Wattage for an Electric Bike?

There’s not just one answer—it will depend on what you’re using it for. If you’re using your bike for commuting, we recommend a wattage in the range of 250 to 500. You won’t need the extra power, and it will help you avoid draining the battery quickly.

If you’re using your e-bike for exercise, you might want to consider something in the higher ranges—up to 750 watts would be great. If you’re racing or doing some serious off-road biking, 1,000 watts might be the way to go. And you’ll want something even more potent than that for mountain biking and other extreme uses—we’d recommend around 2,000 watts.

Of course, along with wattage comes a price. You can find bikes in all different price ranges, but remember that if yours isn’t powerful enough for what you need it for or doesn’t have enough battery life, it won’t be worth the price tag.

What Class Is a 750-watt Ebike?

There are a few different classes of e-bikes, but 750 watt e-bikes would generally be considered Class 3 e-bikes.

Class 3 electric bicycles are defined as bikes with a top speed of 28 mph and a motor that can be powered by pedaling when the bike is being used on public roads or paths. These bikes have to have pedals and an electric motor—they cannot be used with only the electric motor, like a moped or scooter.

Class 3 e-bikes are legal in most states, but you must check your local ebike laws before riding one in public.

How Far Can 750 Watt Electric Bike Go On One Charge?

A 750-watt electric bike can go between 20 and 70 miles on one charge. The exact amount of mileage you get from a fully charged battery is dependent on the speed of your bike, the terrain you’re biking on, and your weight.

If you’re going faster or have more weight to carry, your battery will probably die sooner than if you were riding slowly in a flat area. There’s a crucial distinction between how far it can go on one charge and how far it can go in general—many electric bikes are designed to swap out batteries or recharge them while you’re out riding.

When Should You Choose a 750-Watt E-Bike?

The answer to this question depends on what you want to do with your bike.

A 750-watt e-bike will be more potent than a 350-watt or 500-watt e-bike, but it will also be heavier (since the motor and its components are bigger) and more expensive.

Cruise past rough terrains, a 750-watt bike is probably right for you. But if you just want to ride around your neighborhood or the city blocks, or if you’re looking for something that is lighter weight, a lower power option might fit your needs better.

How Much Electricity to Charge An Electric Bike Battery?

On average, you need about 0.4 to 0.8 kilowatt-hours of electricity to fully charge an electric bike battery.

This is equivalent to about $0.03 to $0.06 per charge, depending on your local electricity rates. So, for a full battery charge, it would cost you anywhere from $0.12 to $0.24.

Keep in mind that this number will vary depending on the size of your battery, how full it is when you start charging, and the wattage of your charging adapter.

If you want to get technical, most e-bike batteries are 36 volts. Therefore, it would take 203 amp hours to charge the bike completely at around 4-8 hours.

If it interests you, here’s a look at the cost of charging an electric bike in 24 different countries.

Country Cost per charge Cost per year
United States $0.05 $21.17
United Kingdom $0.08 $35.83
South Africa $0.03 $14.66
South Korea $0.04 $19.54
New Zealand $0.07 $32.57
Germany $0.12 $53.75
Brazil $0.05 $21.17
India $0.03 $13.03

How Long Does an Electric Bike Last?

An electric bike should last between 3 to 6 years before needing a replacement battery, and the rest of the bike should last 10+ years.

The battery is what makes an electric bike electric, so when that goes, you’ll need to replace it. Battery technology is constantly improving, so in 3-6 years, new options will be available that have more power or use less energy than what’s available today.

At the same time, the rest of an electric bike can be expected to last at least 10 years. A well-made steel frame can go for much longer if you take care of it—and if it gets scratched or dented, you can always fix it.

Electric bikes are built to hold up to regular use, so as long as you don’t do anything too crazy on your bike (like jumping over curbs), you can expect it to last for a long time.

What Is a Good Torque for a 750-Watt Ebike?

You want a torque of about 60-80-newton meters. You can go higher if you’re riding on smooth terrain, but that’s the best torque for most riders using an e-bike.

If your bike has lower than 70-newton meters of torque, it may not be able to get up hills or handle other obstacles very well. Ebikes are designed for riders of all different skill levels, so most manufacturers will develop their model with a low-power motor (about 50-60 newton meters).

This makes it easy for beginners to use and enjoy their bikes without worrying about getting hurt or breaking anything. However, as you progress in skill level as an e-bike, you will likely outgrow this type of bike and need something more substantial.

Final Thoughts

So that’s what we’ve got for you in this Best 750 Watt Electric Bike buying guide. Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you in your search for the perfect electric bike for you.

Our favorite one as the editorial choice from the list is the ENGWE 750W Folding Electric Bike because of its convenient ride, flexibility, and ability to commute over great distances. While it provides exceptional power outputs across the terrains, it’s also capable of folding up and storing efficiently to increase its portability.

We hope that no matter which bike you choose, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your new ride in no time!

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