7 Best Belt Drive Electric Bike (Buying Guide and Review)

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Among all types of electric bikes and a confusing plethora of bike types, belt drive bikes are doing the best. If you’re looking for a high-quality electric bike built to last, you should definitely consider a belt drive electric bike.

Belt drive electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular because they’re incredibly durable and low-maintenance. Unlike traditional chain-driven electric bikes, belt drive electric bikes don’t require any lubrication or adjustment. This means that they’re perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend on bike maintenance.

A belt drive ebike is also a lot quieter than any chain-driven electric bike, which makes them a great choice for those who live in a busy city. Plus, belt drive electric bikes are often a lot more affordable than traditional electric bikes.

We’ve put dozens of such bikes into comparison and picked the 7 best belt drive electric bikes with a detailed review. Let’s go through them and help you buy the right bike for yourself.

Is a Belt Drive Ebike Better Than Chain Ebike?

Yes, a belt drive ebike is better than a chain ebike in many ways. Belt drive systems are becoming more popular on e-bikes because they have a few key advantages over chain drive systems.

First off, belt drive systems are much quieter than chain drive systems. Why? Because there is no metal-on-metal contact between the belt and the gears.

Belt drive systems are also much more efficient than chain drive systems. The belt is made of a specifically designed material for transferring power, whereas a chain is not.

In addition, belt drive systems are much more reliable than chain drive systems because it is less likely to stretch or break than a chain.

Comparison Chart:

Here’s a side by side comparison chart to help you decide the right depending on the technical aspects each ebike has to offer. It will help you make a better decision with technical aspects in mind:

NameFrameWeightLoad CapacitySpeedRangeBrakes
Ride1Up Roadster V2Aluminum alloy33 lb 275 lb24 mph20-35 milesTektro R315 dual pivot caliper brakes
Luna Fat BABECarbon65 lb 275 lb37 mph25-55 milesTektro Dorado e725 4 piston hydraulic brakes
Stealth Urban Electric Bike KBO HurricaneAluminum alloy36 lb 250 lb22 mph30-55 milesMechanical Disk Brakes
PRIORITY CURRENT E-BIKEAluminum alloy53 lb 300 lb28 mph30-55 milesDual piston hydraulic brakes
Serial 1 MOSH/CTY Belt Drive Electric BikeHydroformed Aluminum48 lb 280 lb20 mph30-105 milesDual piston hydraulic brakes
Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMBAluminum Alloy58.5 lb 280 lb20 mph30-70 milesDual piston Shimano hydraulic brakes
Tern GSD S00 Folding Electric BikeAluminum Alloy73.5 lb 500 lb20 mph30-63 milesMT5 E-Stop, hydraulic, with brake sensor

7 Best Belt Drive Electric Bike Reviews

Finding the best belt drive electric bike is not an easy task at all. Especially when the market has numerous ebikes who claim themself as the best. After digging deep into the market, I bring out the 7 best belt drive e-bikes that can fulfill your expectations.

Best Belt Drive Electric Bike

1. Ride1Up Roadster V2: Best Overall

Rolling deep into the list with Roadster V2 from Ride1Up. Ride1Up is one of the most popular e-bike manufacturers with a sterling reputation for quality and customer support. This is the best choice for a city ride. Without offering gear changing and having a minimalistic look preferred for all the riders. What else can it do? Let’s find out together.

Ride1Up Roadster V2

Height Suits Tall Person:

The frame is available in two sizes: 52cm and 58cm. But that is the case of adding extra height to the bike. It has a comparatively taller seat. Therefore you have to get down to the handlebar to ride this bike.

However, that provides forward momentum to lean on the road and get more acceleration. If you are less than 5’6″, I’d say this bike is not for you. At least you never get that peak comfort with this bike. Fortunately, I’m 5,11, and it is perfect for me.

350W Gear Hub Motor:

Not the best motor for an electric bike but this gear hub motor is surely enough to commute in the city. You can get up to 38 kmph speed with the help of this motor. But the most interesting part is that it is attached to the gear you can surprise people with immense acceleration. But it has no gear shifting option. Usually, that is not necessary for commuting on the city road at all.

36 V 7.0Ah battery:

The 36v lithium ion battery of this bike is hidden in the lower frame. That is a perfect disguise for added safety. How long the battery is going to run depends on your riding style.

If you get a smooth road, it surely will last longer. Usually, it goes around 50 km with one full charge. And the battery takes 2-4 hours for a full charge.


Having 33lbs weight is not lightweight in terms of a road bike. For an e-bike, this is lightweight. Considering the extra motor and battery that you included here. And it has an aluminum alloy frame that is strong yet lightweight. Overall it ensures smoother control with a fun ride. On top of that, it can take up to 275lbs weight on it. And I am sure that’s more than enough weight for a person.

Narrow Handlebar and Pivot Brakes:

If you are commuting in the city, it is necessary to keep your handlebar narrow to go through the tight traffic. Although the narrow handle is hard to control, it is effective on city roads. And the handlebar grips are well enough to ensure maximum comfort for you.

However, I miss the disk brake. Pivot brakes are not that bad yet not comparable with the disk brakes. If you ask how it works? Yes, it works perfectly and stops the bike immediately, but not like a disk brake, that is for sure.

Large Wheels and Durable Belt:

The bike has 700c wheels that are larger than most e-bikes. With these heavy-duty tires, it would be hard for you to do any damage, such as a puncture. Also, it has a superb belt instead of a chain that allows you to put enough pressure to accelerate the bike.


Brand Ride1Up
Frame Aluminum alloy
Weight 33 lb
Load capacity  275 lb
Gear Single gear
Motor 350W rear hub motor
Battery 36V 7Ah Samsung 35E cells
Top speed 24 mph
Range 20-35 miles
Brakes Tektro R315 dual pivot caliper brakes
Wheel size 700c X 28
Display Yes, 0-5 level LCD display

User Experience

  • It is a smooth ebike, especially for the city roads, it shows class. It does have super fast acceleration yet provides comfortable riding with a decent speed.
  • Smaller or Shorter people may struggle with their height. But the upright position helps to ride faster and smoother.
  • I find the weight is not appropriate for a road bike but goes perfect whenever you think about an e-bike.
  • The manufacturer deserves my appreciation for how the bike disguises the motor and battery.
  • Also, the speedometer display is good to have on the bike. In addition, the belt is better than a chain drive, and overall it is a nice experience riding this belt drive electric bike.
  • Easy to drive
  • Lightweight but strong frame
  • Strong battery and motor
  • Durable and large tires
  • Not comfortable for small people

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a single-speed commuter e-bike that is suitable for taller people, this is the best choice for you.

2. Luna Fat BABE: Best for Fat Bike

Luna is only known for its electric bikes and accessories, such as motors and batteries. In this field, they are their own competitor. By improving their electric bikes, again and again, they have come so far in this next generation bike it is hard to catch others. Well, this is the Luna Fat BABE (Bad Ass Belt Ebike). The name is enough to describe the bike.

Luna Fat BABE

Heavy Duty Frame:

Indeed it is not a member of lightweight bikes. That includes a heavy-duty carbon fiber frame. This 18-inch frame is not suitable for teenagers or smaller people. Your height should have to be above 5’6” to ride this bike comfortably. The bottom tube of the frame is fatter than the others, and that hid the battery.

Gear Hub Motor with 5 Speed Shifting:

It comes with the M600 motor, which is not the best but certainly the best among mid-drive motors. And it runs smoothly up to 27 mph speed at its top. This allows it to run on hard terrain along with mountains too. Especially 120 nm torque helps quick accelerate the bike in any conditions.

Moreover, it has five-speed gear shifting. If you ask the main difference between Ride1IUp Roadster V2 and this bike, it should be a gear shifting feature. Also, the throttle allows it to control the speed better and accelerate whenever you want.


This Panasonic battery is one of the most efficient batteries in the market for electric bikes. It makes sense why it runs for a long-range. It goes more than 50 miles with a full charge, that is for sure. However, that depends on the load and road conditions. To recharge the battery, you have to remove the battery from the bike, which is located in the downtube. And Luna provides the 48V charger that takes 3-4 hours to get a full charge because the disguised battery remains protected from the weather.

Large Fat Wheel:

Moreover, it has large fat tires that have 4” in width. It allows you to ride the bike offroad pretty smoothly. Even if it is a beach road, you never feel the difference, or it can not make your riding harder.

Also, its heavy-duty rims play a part in keeping you on the road and taking more load. But before riding the bike, make sure air pressure is enough on both tires.

Smooth Handlebar and Brakes:

It has a slightly wider handlebar with better grips than the previous bike. And handlebar is a bit high compared to the seat. Therefore you do not have to lean while driving. Yet it does not affect your ergonomic position, ensuring better speed and comfort. Also, the speed control is smooth and placed in the perfect position. Yet you can adjust that to make it ultra-comfortable.

But the biggest change from the Roadster V2 is indeed its braking system. Whenever you go at 22 mph speed, it is necessary to have a superb braking system that can stop any accident from occurring. Therefore it has a 4 piston hydraulic brake system.

And this Dorado e725 is the best braking system for electric bikes. Yet you have to get used to the brakes. If you are new to hydraulic braking systems, surely you need some practice to perform smooth braking.


Brand Luna
Frame Carbon
Weight 65 lb
Load capacity  275 lb
Gear Five gears
Motor 800W rear hub motor
Battery 65V 13.5Ah Panasonic
Top speed 37 mph
Range 25-55 miles
Brakes Tektro Dorado e725 4 piston hydraulic brakes
Wheel size 700c X 4”
Display Yes, LCD display

User Experience

  • The first thing is, it is a heavy bike with a high better weight capacity. Despite having a heavy body and fat tires, it is able to run more than 50 miles with a single charge.
  • It runs smoothly on rough terrain. I tried it on the sand, and it was able to perform at a good speed as well as smooth riding.
  • Also, the gear shifting is smooth in this bike. And I think this belt is better than the Roadster V2.
  • But the braking system is too strong. It can create problems for the newbie riders. Never perform hard brake on it. Always go smooth and practice more and more to get familiar with the braking system.
  • It has an excellent suspension system. In fact, this Bluto front suspension system is indeed the best you can get right now.
  • Although there is a speedometer LCD display that is not as good as the Roadster, you have an option to upgrade that.
  • Overall, it is a good fat bike for offroad and commuting on the city road. Yet I would prefer off-road for this bike.
  • Best quality braking system
  • 5-speed gear shifting with the fastest motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable and user-friendly construction
  • It is a heavy bike
  • Pricey

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want a beast fat bike with the smoothest running capability and decent speed, this is the one you might want. Also, it has an excellent braking system along with an ergonomic design that is also attractive for this bike.

3. Stealth Urban Electric Bike KBO Hurricane: Best for Roadbike

Electric bikes are evolved more from road bikes. And suits the road bike most with its decent speed and comfortable riding. It has almost similar features as the Roadster V2 road bike, including some exceptions that make it better.

Stealth Urban Electric Bike KBO Hurricane

Lightweight Frame:

While the Luna fat bike is heavy due to its fat frame, this electric road bike weighs 36 lbs after the assembly. That became possible due to its 6061 aluminum alloy frame. And the frame height is suitable for adult riders only. Apparently, it is not the lightest frame but surely places in the top list when talking about the electric bike.

250W Motor:

This bike is equipped with a silent gear hub motor that makes almost no noise at all. Yet it is able to run at 22 mph, which is the top speed by government law for an electric bike. Surely you need to accelerate it with the pedal, but you get a smooth experience of riding a bike on the road.

Although this motor is not as powerful as the Roadster V2, it serves well in terms of speed. Also, it is quieter than Roadster V2 electric bike.

Powerful Battery for Long Run:

It has a 36V 9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery. Well, I addressed it as a powerful battery for a reason. You have to see the motor. For a 250-watt motor, this battery is way more powerful to run for a long time.

As a result, you get a maximum of 53 miles to range with a fully charged battery. Yes, it varies by many criteria. But surely this battery backup is enough for a day.

Moreover, battery cells are located in the bottom tube of the frame, which is a perfect disguise, or at least the bike does not look ugly due to having the battery appearing front. And this battery needs 2-4 hours to recharge.

Durable Belt but No Speed Shifting:

It has a strong belt instead of a chain that provides quick acceleration, but it does not have any speed-changing option. This single-speed electric road bike is not bad, but you can surely expect speed shifting to enhance the user experience.

However, the crank and pedals are strong enough that you can use them to put extra pressure and run faster also if you rely on your foot more than the motor, that gives you better battery backup.

Comfortable Seat and Handle:

The seat is the most crucial part of a bike to achieve comfort. Also, the handlebar plays a part too. So what about these components in this bike? So far, this is the best seat I have got. You can adjust the seat according to your height to make it comfortable.

However, you can not adjust the handlebar height is already in the perfect position. And 24” handlebar is not on the narrow side. You should not have a problem in control with this wide handlebar.

Heavy Duty Road Bike Tires:

It has 700 X 32c road bike tires that can accelerate the bike quickly. However, it is not recommended for offroad at all. You get the maximum output and comfort while riding it on the road. The tires are well made and meant to last for a long time.


Apart from all of these, you get a 36V LED front light that helps to ride in the dark. So you do not have to spend extra money on adding light to the bike. And this light is bright enough to make your night riding as same as day riding. But one thing is for sure; this light requires a lot of battery power that can drain the battery quickly.

Also, you have a speed sensor and display along with a heavy-duty aluminum kickstand for standing the bike anywhere.

Although it does not have a hydraulic braking system, the disk brake is definitely better than pivot brakes. And that makes it better at breaking than Roadster V2.


Brand KBO
Frame Aluminum alloy
Weight 36 lb
Load capacity  250 lb
Gear Single gear
Motor 250W rear hub motor
Battery 36V 9.5Ah Samsung/ LG cells
Top speed 22 mph
Range 30-55 miles
Brakes Mechanical Disk Brakes
Wheel size 700c X 32
Others Display and LED light

User Experience

  • If you want a smooth riding experience, I am sure you are going to love this bike. It has got a good range on it and doesn’t make any noise.
  • It has an excellent braking system along with LED light for night riding. LED light is necessary for me because I often ride at night time. Now I do not have to spend extra money on lighting.
  • Since the government does not allow more than this speed, you can not excerpt more. Well, in my experience, the seat is most comfortable so far.
  • There is no issue with the handlebar at all. Turning in the hard angle is a smooth experience without having any issues.
  • I love this road bike for its comfort and top-notch performance.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comfortable for a long ride
  • Comes with an LED headlight
  • Superb braking system
  • Not having multiple speeds.

Why Should You Buy It?

Well, this is the best electric road that you can get on the market. If you want an electric road bike that has a belt-drive, I recommend going for this. Smooth and noise-free riding, night adventure with headlight, and great range, I could expect nothing more from an ebike at this range.

4. PRIORITY CURRENT E-BIKE: Best for Commuter

If you need a bike for both off-road and road, you should go for a commuter bike. And this bike is the perfect choice for that. Especially when you are looking for a belt drive electric bike. Priority bicycle is one of the pioneers of this industry. And they offer expensive but worthy bikes.



Unisex Frame:

This is the first bike on this list that has a unisex frame. Well, that does not mean other bikes are not suitable for women, but this one is special. Why? It has a lower frame that makes it comfortable to ride both for women and men, except that you get a similar 6061 aluminum alloy frame.

This frame is lightweight yet strong enough to handle any collision. Also, it is available in three sizes to ensure the bike fits you the best.

Strong Motor:

And the bike has a 500W motor that has 140 nm torque. Well, according to the laws, electric bikes can not have more than 22 mph speed. So it has a maximum of 20 mph speed in the basic model. But if you can handle the law or get a permit, you can increase it to 28 mph speed.

And a rear hub motor is always good for quick acceleration. Also, that 140nm torque helps to get the speed quickly.

Strong Battery:

You get a 48v 500wh strong battery that is enough for this bike to run for more than 40 miles. However, the battery lasting depends on your pedal assistance. If you rely less on the motor, it will consume less battery.

Therefore it will last for longer. An electric bike is not for giving you full acceleration. It is for ease of your riding. And this bike serves that purpose properly. Also, the chagrin system is not that bad. It gets a full charge within a few hours.

Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt:

This is the best quality belt for e-bikes so far. This carbon drive belt is the best choice for offroad and handling tough terrain. So for this commuter bike, this belt is more than enough. And you can expect a long-lasting assurance from it.

Adjustable Seat:

Well, you can get the best comfort by adjusting the saddle height. That can reduce and increase the distance between the handlebar and you. It ensures the maximum comfort that you can expect.

Eventually, commuter ebikes are made for comfortable riding around the city roads. Also, handlebars should have to be small for getting through the tough traffic. And this ebike’s handlebar suits the best for city roads. Also, the grip is perfect. You do not need to lean your body as you do on the road bikes.

Best Quality Brakes:

When you ride on busy city roads, it is important to have a strong braking system. Keeping that in mind, this bike has dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. And that goes properly for the city road. However, it is not as good as the Luna Fat BABE braking system but enough for city roads.

Decent Tires:

You get the market’s most popular good year tires in this bike. If you are concerned about this industry, you know good this tire. It ensures the long run without having any issues. Also, it is slightly fat than road bike tires, which is for handling rough terrain as well as smooth city roads.


Moreover, you get the rear and front light, display, and USB charging ports with it. This extra feature is helpful for riding on the city roads. In addition, you have five years of frame guarantee from the manufacturer.


Brand Priority
Frame Aluminum alloy
Weight 53 lb
Load capacity  300 lb
Gear Single gear
Motor 500W rear hub motor
Battery 48V battery
Top speed 28 mph
Range 30-55 miles
Brakes Dual piston hydraulic brakes
Tires 650b tires
Others Display and LED light

User Experience

  • It is a smooth-riding bike for commuting around the city roads. I took it to the off-road and got smooth results too.
  • It does not have a front suspension. That is the biggest downside of this higher price range bike. Although paved city roads don’t really need much suspensions.
  • It has all the best quality parts that ensure a smooth riding experience and a long-lasting guarantee.
  • Well, the customer support is, as usual, superb from them, and you get five years of warranty for the frame.
  • Overall if you can ignore the front suspension part, it is the best choice without any doubt.
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comfortable height
  • Excellent braking system
  • Front suspension is not available.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want the best belt-drive commuter electric bike, this is the best in the market. Although it cost a bit more money than usual, that is well justified with its quality and performance.

5. Serial 1 MOSH/CTY Belt Drive Electric Bike: Best for Battery

If you want a versatile bike, it is the one. There are some features that can blow your mind. Well, the MOSH/CTY is mainly for the city roads. But that is not the boundary of this bike. You can run it on rough terrain, hard mountain, etc. Although it costs a bit higher, your money is well justified by its performance.

Serial 1 MOSH_CTY Belt Drive Electric Bike

Hydroformed Aluminum Frame:

Instead of using typical aluminum alloy, it hydroformed aluminum to get the perfect shape. Also, that makes it better at weight distribution and getting stiffer. And it is slightly better than alloy. The lower frame is always preferable for longer rides and comfort. In this scenario, this bike fits the most. I like this frame. But the bottom tube is way fat due to the battery and motor.

Brose S Mag Motor:

This is a mid-mounted motor that leaves the rear hub moving freely. Therefore it is easy to cooperate with the pedal for quick acceleration. Well, this motor can produce 90 nm torque and get the highest speed of 20 mph. This 250 W motor has enough power to sustain the torque even if you climb the hill with this bike. And it never loses its power in the rough terrain.

529Wh Battery:

This is a convenient battery that provides the longest backup. Yes, the battery backup is not certain. It depends on your use. However, that can count a minimum of 30 miles up to 105 miles. Well, the battery is located on the downtube that you can remove easily without using any tool.

So whether you want to charge it without taking it apart or removing the battery, both are possible. And it takes 4.75 hours to get a full charge. Based on the battery backup, it is well justified and has the fastest charging time.

Gates Carbon Drive Belt:

There is no alternative to a gates belt if you want quick acceleration. This is durable and long-lasting. Also stays tight to run faster. And this is the best quality drive belt for e-bikes so far.

Hydraulic Brakes:

When you are making a commuter bike, it is necessary to include a good braking system. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer provides the best quality hydraulic braking system for this bike. Two piston disk brakes are awesome for stopping the bike instantly. It helps in the busy traffic.

Different Riding Modes:

It is not that you always need the full power of the motor. For example, if you are riding around the city roads, you need minimum power from the motor to ride smoothly. However, if you ride on a hill, it requires a lot of power.

Therefore, it has four driving modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Boost. You can continue on eco mode for driving around your local area. Or switching to the tour mode for the long ride. And sport mode is for maximizing the power of a certain situation. Also, the boost mode is for sustaining the power for a long time that helps to climb hills easily.

You get the maximum battery backup in eco mode. And boost mode drains the battery faster.

Seat and Tires:

It has an adjustable seat that is also super comfy. But this is a go-to seat, not the best in the market. However, the tires are the best choice for this bike. It used Schwalbe supermoto x commuter tire. That ensures a smooth driving experience along with long-lasting.


Moreover, you get an LED headlight for driving at night. And it has a tail light that works only when you brake the bike. Also, it has an aluminum kickstand with it. Moreover, it has a display with a speedometer. Overall it is a complete package.


Brand Serial 1
Frame Hydroformed Aluminum
Weight 48 lb
Load capacity  280 lb
Gear Single gear
Motor 250W mid drive motor
Battery 529 Wh  battery
Top speed 20 mph
Range 30-105 miles
Brakes Dual piston hydraulic brakes
Tires Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.8-inch
Others Display and LED light

User Experience

  • You feel no different from other electric bikes on the city road with this one. But it shows capability in the rough terrain where you need a lot of power.
  • The handlebar is quite easy to control, and it has a strong and comfortable grip. Indeed the braking quality is superb.
  • Also, the tires are fantastic. But the mid-mounted motor is quite different from than rear hub motors. It loses some power, that is for sure.
  • You get the best quality driving experience on this bike. You get an almost similar experience and a long-lasting battery, whether off-road or a city road.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Strong frame
  • Superb Braking system
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Pricey

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have no problem with the budget and are looking for a long battery life electric bike, then this is the best choice. Also, it is the best choice for a standard bike that can run on both city roads and rough terrain.

6. Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB: Best for Women

Although it has a similar price range, the frame fits women’s best choice. Also, it has better features and comes with a speed shifter. It is packed with many features that make it perfect for women and men to ride in any terrain.

Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB

Step-Through Frame:

This aluminum-made frame is better at strength than the MOSH/CTY. But the most interesting part is that it does not have a top tube. So this step through the frame is perfect for women riding with a skirt or other dresses. And it also cuts some extra weight from the frame, which impacts overall bike weight. Also, the battery and motor are integrated inside the downtube to make a perfect disguise.

Bosch Active Line Plus 3.0 Motor:

This bike is equipped with one of the finest motors for electric bikes. You get the instant speed with this bike. Also, the 250W motor is quite silent and makes no noise at all. So you get no unusual noise from the bike while you are enjoying your ride.

Also, this motor has 50 nm maximum torque for quick acceleration, and it can get up to 20 mph speed. And this is enough speed for an electric bike.

Powerful Battery:

And it has a 36V 13.4 Ah battery that provides backup to the 250W motor with a decent backup. Moreover, the battery hid perfectly in the downtube, with a charging port above. And it takes less than four hours to get a full charge. But you get around 50 miles of range with this battery.

Although it is that bad, this one provides less battery backup compared to the previous one. And that is because of the high-powered motor. But getting 50 miles is not bad at all. However, if you ride with more pedal assistance, it can go up to 70 miles.

Riding Modes:

It also has four driving modes to the MOSH/CTY bike, and it provides similar functions. Such as, you get better backup in eco mode and maximum power in turbo mode. And it comes with the remote to change the riding mode. I suggest using eco mode if you are riding around the city.

Shimano Gear and Shifter:

This bike has Shimano Nexus SG 8 speed gear and a shifter. That allows you to switch between different speeds according to your riding mood. And this is one of the best quality gear and shifters from Shimano. It is well known that Shimano is very good at making gear and shifters. You get that best quality and smooth gear shifting experience as you have seen in the regular bikes. Well, now experience similar smooth driving in an electric bike. Despite having belt drive, you feel no difference in that.

Adjustable Seat and Wide Handlebar:

Well, you know it is important to have the best quality cushion seat on your bike to enjoy your riding. And that is what you are about to get on this bike. Also, you can adjust the saddle height to make it comfortable according to your height.

In addition, you get a wide handlebar that is easy to control. And having a leather grip enhances the quality one step further with a smooth-riding experience in every aspect.

Shimano Hydraulic Braking System:

If you want to enjoy your riding, there is no choice but to get the best quality braking system. Therefore it has the latest Shimano hydraulic brakes on the rear and front wheel. This disk brake system is super strong and stops the bike immediately. I suggest getting used to it before going for a long ride.

You also get the display for checking your riding speed along with a micro USB port on it. Also, it has a rear and front LED light along with a bell.


Brand Gazelle
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Weight 58.5 lb
Load capacity  280 lb
Gear 8 Speed Shemano Gear
Motor 250W mid mounted motor
Battery 36 V 13.4 Ah battery
Top speed 20 mph
Range 30-70 miles
Brakes Dual piston Shimano hydraulic brakes
Tires Schwalbe 50km Energizer Plus, 28″ x 1.75″ (47-622)
Others Display and LED light, bell, etc

User Experience

  • It has a decent battery backup and speed. Since it can run both off-road and city-road, you can use it for multipurpose.
  • This bike has so far the best quality gear shifting system in this best belt drive electric bikes list.
  • Whether male or female, this bike will give you maximum comfort and a smooth-riding experience.
  • The suspension is good for off-road biking. After riding this bike for 40 miles, I never felt tired at all.
  • Gazelle is a well-known brand for providing excellent customer support, and this ebike offers two years of warranty.
  • Shimano gear and shifter
  • Best quality braking
  • Heavy-duty tire and fork
  • Best for women
  • Heavyweight

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best belt-drive electric bike for women, this is the best in the market. You will get a total-worthy bike. Also, this is not a bad choice for men at all.

7. Tern GSD S00 Folding Electric Bike: Best for Folding

If you are more conscious about space, a folding electric bike is the best solution. Perhaps you could try this bike with a belt drive system. And currently the best choice in the market. Although it is a pricey bike, you can consider the price after seeing its features and performance.

Tern GSD S00 Folding Electric Bike

Step-Through Frame:

Folding bikes have step-through frames most of the time, and this is no different. This aluminum alloy frame is strong and suitable for all riders, including men and women. This is the smallest frame among all the bikes mentioned here. However, it is one of the strongest frames as well. And it can handle up to 440 lbs weight.

Bosch Cargo Line Motor:

This is one of the most powerful motors for electric bikes. Although it does not consist of high speed, it can carry a lot of weight. It has a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. I know this is way less than any of the bikes I mentioned above, but surely this is enough for commuting around the city. And that is the reason for making this bike. However, Term claims it can run up to 20 miles per hour speed. But that is only possible with the assistance of a pedal.

Powerful Battery:

To run this powerful motor, you need a 500 Wh battery for a long run. This lithium-ion battery is integrated into the bottom tube. However, this is a removable battery that you can remove for charging purposes. And you need a maximum of 4 hours to get fully recharged. But the range is quite decent in it. You can run up to 63 miles with pedal assist.

Fold and Carry:

The main reason for this bike is its foldable feature in this list. Yes, you can fold it and carry it anywhere easily. For example, if you are up to long hiking or camping, you can carry this in your car to ride on the rough terrain. And the folding is pretty easy as well as assembling.

Comfortable Handlebar and Seat:

Since it is a foldable bike, most of its parts are adjustable. For example, you can adjust the height of the seat to get it in the perfect position that matches your height. And also, the handlebar is pretty solid, and the grips are good enough. Overall you get a smooth riding experience because of the comfortable handlebar and cushion seat.

Superb Suspension and Durable Tires:

It has small size but fat tires from Schwalbe. These tires have a minimum chance of puncture and last for a long time. Also, it has an awesome front suspension that gives you smooth riding in any terrain. You will never feel the bump on the road.

Hydraulic Brakes:

The braking system matches the best electric bikes. That becomes possible because of the MT5 E-Stop bike sensor on it. Every time you pull the brake tail light turns on. For a foldable bike, this is an excellent braking system. Even if it wasn’t an electric bike, I would prefer this braking system to a normal bike.


I should mention the rear carrier that you can use for various purposes. You can attach any cargo to carry with you. Since the motor can carry more than 500 pounds, you will get the benefit for carrying goods, especially if you work as a delivery man, which will help you.

Also, it has a headlight, tail light, and kickstand.


Brand Tern
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Weight 73.5 lb
Load capacity  500 lb
Gear Single
Motor Bosch Cargo Line Motor
Battery 500 Wh battery
Top speed 20 mph
Range 30-63 miles
Brakes MT5 E-Stop, hydraulic, with brake sensor
Tires Schwalbe  Tires
Others Display and LED light, Carrier, etc

User Experience

  • Although it has a good front suspension, it is not for mountain drive or rough terrain.
  • It is possible to drive it on rough terrain, but you never get the smooth experience due to the small tire and longer body.
  • This ebike can carry massive weight. Also, the battery backup is pretty decent. But I feel comfortable at 15 mph speed.
  • The braking system is excellent in this ebike.
  • It is easy to assemble the bike and it’s a bit heavy
  • You can fold this bike in a small size to fit in a tiny space.
  • Easy to fold
  • Superb weight capacity
  • Durable frame and tires
  • Strong braking system
  • Heavyweight

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a foldable belt drive electric bike, this is the best on the market. It is suitable for both men and women. But if you work as a delivery person, you get the maximum benefit from it.

What Should Look For When Buying A Belt Drive Electric Bike?

When looking to buy a belt drive electric bike, there are a few things you should look for. And this will ensure you are getting the right bike for yourself. Let’s talk about the common factors that you should check first.

The Belt

The most important factor is the quality of the belt. The belt should be strong and durable and should not wear out easily. You should also look for a belt that is well-made and properly aligned. The belt should be tight and not slip or move around.

Motor Size

Then, of course, the motor. Well, make sure it has enough speed but does not exceed the limit. According to government law, an electric bike should not be more than 22 mph. A 250W or higher motor can generate that power but make sure of the quality. Most of the time, the motor makes an unusual noise. The silent motor is a better choice in this case.

Battery Capacity

Since you can not get the maximum speed, surely you can focus on the battery backup. And that should not be less than 30 miles range. If you want the best battery, the back is the best choice for you. It has a battery that can last for 40 miles range.

Also, make sure it has a quick charger that can charge it within four hours. I know you do not have all day to recharge the battery. Also, the battery should have weather protection for a comfortable ride.

Height and Handlebar

If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride having a perfect height is the key point for that. Well, the distance between the seat and the Handlebar is also important. And having an adjustable saddle ensures you are getting the perfect height every time. Therefore you can always adjust it to make it comfortable. Sometimes handlebar height is also adjustable.

Well, the wider Handlebar is easy to control, while the narrow handle is better for busy traffic.

Weight Capacity

Ebikes are comparatively heavier than normal bikes. The lightweight bike means a weight of around 30-35 pounds for an e-bike. You get that in electric road bikes. The bike weight reflects the control and comfort. Therefore you have to determine what you can handle. However, commuter bikes are heavy, and they can even go up to 80 pounds. But I suggest keeping the bike weight around 50 lbs.

Tire and Suspension

If you are getting this bike for riding around the city road, you should go for the road bike tires. And fat tires are suitable for off-road and carrying more load. Of course, the front suspension is necessary for driving it into the rough terrain and climbing hill. But not necessary for commuting to the city. However, it is good to have a suspension to ensure the smoothest drive and never feel any issue in the bump.


Hydraulic disc brakes are the best choice for any ebike. At least you can expect a disk brake system in your electric bike. That ensures immediate stop whenever you need. With proper braking system in an ebike, you’re getting the capacity of controlling it on any terrain, regardless of the road type.

Other Features

Also, you should check the screen and grip of the hand. And check the saddle if it is adjustable or not. According to your driving purpose, you also need a good handlebar. A wide Handlebar is easy to control, but a narrow Handlebar is good for speed.

Moreover, you should always get a belt-drive electric bike that has a warranty. It ensures quality along with after-sale support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions about belt drive electric bikes? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you out:

Are Belt Drive eBikes Worth It?

Yes, electric bikes are totally worth your money if you can get the right one. It provides a smoother riding experience than a chain drive. Also, you never get dirty riding a belt drive bike. Moreover, it requires less care than the chain drive. If you are getting an electric commuter bike, belt drive is worth it. But make sure you have the best quality belt.

Do Belt Drive Bikes Have Gears?

Yes, belt drive bikes have gears. But it is not that popular at all. Also, that does not help that much at all. And it is available in fewer gears than chain drive bikes. However, the gears are not the same as those on a traditional bike.

Instead, the gears on a belt-drive bike are used to change the speed of the belt, not the bike. This is why belt drive bikes are often called “single speed” bikes, even though they actually have gears.

How Long Does A Belt Drive E-Bike Last?

The answer depends on what you are expecting. If it is the battery, then belt electric drive bikes usually last more than 30 miles. But if you are talking about the durability and lasting of the entire bike, then it is similar to a chain drive bike. Perhaps belt drives require less maintenance, and that helps to last it longer than a chain drive bike. And the delt lasts for more than 50000 miles.

Are Belt Drive E-Bikes Faster?

Yes, belt drive e-bikes are faster than a chain drive. Because the belt ensures better tension than a chain drive, it depends on the motor power and your pedal assistance. However, it requires less power to run the belt drive e-bikes. From that perspective, you can conclude that belt drive is faster.

Can You Convert Any Bike To Belt Drive?

It is not possible for every bike to convert into a belt drive. But it is not that hard too. You can convert any bike to a belt drive depending on the frame. However, it is better to sell your old bike and get a new belt drive bike. That is a more efficient way to shift into the belt drive bike.


Belt drive ebikes are the way to go if you’re a fan of raging power and virtually silent high speed rides. Now that you have the proper buying guide, you should be able to treat yourself with the best belt drive electric bike that fulfills your preference.

If you want our choice of the all-rounder belt drive ebike, we’d suggest you get the Ride1Up Roadster V2. Why? First of all, it costs you way less money than others. Although it is not suitable for off-road, you get the smoothest riding experience on the city roads. Also, the battery backup and speed are pretty decent in this bike.

Unless you are up to riding in rough terrain, this is the best choice in the market when you compare the price and features.

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