How To Keep Handlebar Grips From Slipping

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Even if you can ride your bike without placing your hands on the handlebar, you don’t ditch it altogether, do you? That’s because firmly holding the handlebar means perfect control over your bike. But what compromises this control is a slipping handlebar. Sounds familiar?

Well, we all faced it, to be honest. Sweat, loose, and damaged handlebar grips can make your fist slip from the handlebar if you are riding for a long time. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get rid of.

You can keep your handlebar grips from slipping by thoroughly cleaning them or using adhesives to stick the grip right to the bars. You can also get lock-on grips if you have slide-on ones.

Then again, there are a few more ways you can solve this issue. Let’s find out how to keep handlebar grips from slipping!

Getting to Know Bike Grip Types

Before you figure out a solution for your slipping grips, you first need to understand the different types of grips on the market.

Slid-on Grips: These are the most common types of grips you can find. Well-known as the push-on grips, these are pushed from the sides of the handlebars and slid in place. To install such grips, you need to use lubricants.

Slid-on Grips

Lock-On Grips: Lock-on grips are basically stuck to the bar itself. It’s kind of permanently fit with it using nuts and bolts.

Lock-On Grips

Why Do Bike Handlebar Grips Slip?

The slipping issue of the bike handlebar grip is mainly because of a sweaty hand. That’s a no-brainer right there. However, there are other reasons, as well.

Why Do Bike Handlebar Grips Slip

  • Dust and Dirt: Although it sounds a bit far-fetched, it’s true. When you are riding for a long time, dust and dirt will amass on the handlebar grip surface. Over time, it will create a barrier between the bar and the grip, causing it to slip.
  • Wet Grip: Apart from the obvious reason for sweat, it’s also possible that the moisture in the atmosphere or riding in the rain can cause the grip to get wet. This wetness can also compromise the firm grip you deserve.
  • Grease formation: Another common reason is grease formation. It typically forms beneath the grip, and it makes the grip very difficult to stay stuck to the handlebar. Just like anywhere else on the bike, grease can easily form on your handlebar grip.
  • Loosened Grip: If you are using a slid-on grip, then it’s more prone to get slippery over time. That’s because the fitting is not going to be the same for a long time, and it will get loosened after a while. In that case, you may need to replace it completely.
  • Damaged Grip: Apart from being loosened, there’s another probable incident that the grips can get damaged and torn. This is also a prime reason why the grips get slipped after a certain period.
  • Faulty Installation: If the grip wasn’t correctly installed, this would result in a mess after a while. Without a secured setup, the grip will start to get loosened, and you will feel it’s not properly providing the grip you need.

How to Keep Handlebar Grip from Slipping

So now that you know the reasons why the grips slip, here are some nifty solutions that you can apply to solve it, depending on the reason.

How to Keep Handlebar Grip from Slipping

Cleaning the Grip

Although it may seem like a simple task, cleaning can actually help. Most of the time, slipping grip is caused by dust and dirt, or even grease. A thorough cleaning can be a great solution in this case.

Tying the Grip

While cleaning the grip can offer you an instant solution, sometimes tying up the grip can solve it even better. You can use zip ties to tighten the grip.

Use Grip Glue

Another option is using grip adhesives. This is needed if you are using a slide-in grip. Put strong adhesives to keep the grip in place. You can also use hairspray if you don’t have grip glue. It works just fine.

If you are going for the adhesive, you can use three types of glues

  1. Grip glue: These are specially made glues for grips. These are better than regular liquid glue and are meant for bike handlebar grips.
  2. Paste glue: Paste glue is a bit different from grip glue but offers a better result when mixed with regular grip glue. Some bikers swear by the paste glue mix when it comes to tightening the grip.
  3. Superglue: The third type is superglue. This is the strongest glue that can permanently attach the grip to the bar.

Use Spray Paint

Even if it sounds weird, spraying spray paint on the grip’s inner part can actually work. It will definitely increase the friction between the grip’s inner area and the handle bar’s surface.

Grip Shaft Lock

You can also use a grip shaft lock that can be placed at the end of the handlebar grips to prevent the grip from falling off.

Replace the Grip

If the grip is worn out or damaged or the size isn’t matching, you have no choice other than to replace it. Go for a new pair of grips and install them properly.

Upgrade to Lock-in Grip

Finally, you can choose to upgrade your bike handlebar grip to lock-in type from slide-in. This may cost you a bit more than you would expect, but it’s undoubtedly worth it, as you will hardly face any gripping issues compared to the old ones.

Things to Consider While Buying a Bike Grip

Before you pick a pair of bike grips, make sure you-

  • Pick the right size for your bike handlebar.
  • Get a grip that comes with a locking ring.
  • Choose a grip that comes with anti-slipping features.
  • Buy proper tools to install the grip tightly.

Tips to Prevent Grip Slip

Even if you have solved the gripping problem as of now, you need to make sure It doesn’t repeat. Follow these tips to keep the grip slip-free.

  • Install the grip properly for the first time. Make sure the size is correct, and the glue is strong.
  • Clean the bike’s handlebar and the grip on a regular basis
  • Use the grips carefully and don’t put heavy pressure, lest these can get damaged pretty early.

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Final Words

Well, now you know the ins and outs of how to keep handlebar grips from slipping. Once you find out the reason your bike’s grip is slipping, you have solved half of the problem. The remaining solution is properly described here for your convenience. So, next time you feel like you don’t have a proper grip on your handlebars, make sure you scan through this piece and solve it right away!

Happy riding!

A mechanical engineer became an active blogger, and it’s James Miller. Well, the journey of his blogging started more than a decade ago. As a mechanical engineer, he started his professional career as a technical assistant in a renowned automotive industry and later joined an e-bike manufacturing company as a quality in charge. James created this site “Bikerreview” to share his decade of experience with e-bikes. He wants to help the people who are newly looking for an e-bike and doesn’t have any prior knowledge about that.

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