How to Remove E-Bike Battery without Key?

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Getting the ebike battery out and charging it standalone is a great feature. However, as it also poses the threat of getting stolen, manufacturers provide a lock to keep it secure.

You get a key to unlock the battery every time you want to remove it. If you lose the keys, you may be in trouble because unlocking the batteries will be tough. In this case, you need to know how to remove e-bike battery without key.

To remove the battery from an e-bike without the key, you can use a metal sheet or screwdriver to tweak the internal lock. The sheet will go into the lock mechanism and push it inside as it would do with a regular key. 

That said, if you have a bad habit of forgetting about your e-bike key, let’s explain how you can remove the battery without a key.

What To Know About Your E-Bike Battery And Keys?

Although keys are not required to start your electric bike, they are responsible for the security and locking of your rechargeable battery bike. If the battery is released, it may be pushed off the chassis by securely gripping and pulling the batteries off the controller in an upward chute.

E-Bike Battery And Keys

As a result, having your battery attached to the frame when riding an e-bike is critical. If you are not taking your battery with you when you finish riding, it must be fastened onto the bike.

As the battery is the most expensive part of any electric bike, it’s critical to keep it locked and safe. You will simply need to put your keys in the bike’s keyhole and twist it properly to secure your batteries to the chassis.

The key system secures your battery storage container. The electric bicycle battery locks, keeping it safe from criminals and guaranteeing that it does not become separated from your bike, reducing its efficacy.

Furthermore, these keys allow you to access your current battery recharging section. Inside the closed storage container, the recharging setup is concealed, and hence key is important to access this section.

Two identical keys come with your ebike. You should use one and keep the other one safe in case you lose the key. Just like car keys, battery keys are unique, which means you cannot unlock one battery with another key.

You will need the key that came with it to unlock the battery. Furthermore, each key comes with a unique serial number which can be found in the keychain code in your keys.

To sum up, keys are not important to start an e-bike. But, properly securing and removing the battery keys are really important.

Can You Remove An E-Bike Battery Without A Key?

The primary use of keys in electric bikes is for removing the batteries from the frame to charge the ebike. But, without keys, it becomes near impossible to remove the batteries from the e-bike.

Can You Remove An E-Bike Battery Without A Key?

However, no need to worry if you have lost your keys as you can still remove your e-bike battery very easily. The process is very simple, and you can do it by yourself. There are two simple methods that you can follow (We will discuss the methods in detail later below).

You can remove your e-bike batteries by either using a screwdriver or a thin metal sheet.

How To Remove E-Bike Battery Without Key?

As previously mentioned, there are two methods to remove your e-bike battery without a key. We will go into step-by-step procedures for both ways below.

How to Remove E-Bike Battery without Key

Method 1: Tweaking the Lock

At first, we will try to tweak the lock using wires, a screwdriver, and a thin metal sheet.

Step 1: Opening the Seat

You will need to open the seat in order to make ample space so that the battery can come out quickly. Disassemble seat screws to produce a space for the electric bike’s battery,

Step 2: Tweaking the Lock with Wire

After you’ve made room for the battery to come out, twist the wire and put it into the keyhole on the battery. Continue to wiggle until you feel a snap. Keep in mind that fine-tuning a lock is time-consuming and requires patience.

You might try to follow YouTube lessons on how to adjust a lock using wires. Experts suggest taking your e-bike to a professional locksmith or service shop if none of those mentioned above solutions work. In terms of long-term usage, it will be the finest option.

Step 3: Using a Thin Metal Sheet

Well, if you do not want to spend money by taking your bike to a locksmith, then there is another step you can try to tweak the lock using a very thin and sharp metal sheet. Try to insert this thin piece of metal inside the lock and open the lock from the outside.

In such a scenario, you must enter the sheets from the side with the pivoting point rather than the flat side. You will hear a crack sound indicating that the lock has been unlocked if you are successfully doing it. But for this, you will need to keep twisting the metal sheet with heavy pressure. Keep doing this until the battery fully releases from the lock.

Method 2: Using a Screwdriver

The method is much easier compared to the first method. However, this process can cause some damage to your e-bike. So, it is recommended that you follow this procedure only if your e-bike is old or you are in an emergency, and you will take the bike to the service shop later. For this step, you will require a flathead screwdriver and an axle blade for this process.

Step 1: Seat Opening

Just like the first method, the first step is to open the seat and remove it. The goal is the same; you will need to create enough space for the battery to be taken out.

Step 2: Use Screwdriver

This step is very critical, and if you are not careful enough, you can cause severe damage to the battery case. So, carefully make a lever with the screwdriver. Underneath the battery casing, place the screwdriver and gently push it outwards till the whole casing is removed.

Please do not put too much pressure on the screwdriver while pressing it, as the battery case and battery can be damaged by sharp scratches from a screwdriver.

Step 3: Cut the Opening Using Axle Blade

The next step is to use the axle blade to cut the higher opening region. Again, know how much you’re reducing, and don’t go overboard. Work cautiously to avoid damaging the bike or the battery. To maintain the emphasis on the battery, do it slowly. On the other hand, scratching the casing may cause the battery to fail.

Step 4: Fetch

You’re almost through with the battery removal. You’ll need to remove the e-bike battery from the bike without the key. Always be cautious when removing the battery since Li-ion electric bike batteries might be destroyed if mishandled.

Is it Possible to Remake Duplicate E-Bike Keys?

Locksmiths nowadays are using advanced technology to duplicate old lost e-bike keys. So it can be assumed that most locksmiths should have the required technology for key cutting replication. However, this process can be a bit expensive.

But, do keep in mind that locksmiths might not want to help you in the first place and might think that you have stolen the bike. So, it is essential that you take proper paperwork to manage the duplicating procedure in advance.

A professional locksmith can even replicate your e-bike without seeing the actual key. In this case, you will need to show them the battery compartment lock of your e-bike, and they will use X-ray technology to do this. Using the software, the locksmith will create a reversal key imprint.

Key Points

  • Only carry one e-bike battery key with you; keep the other key in a secured location, so you can use that later.
  • If you’re keeping the bike for an extended time, ensure it’s in a dry location. You may also remove the battery because it is rather costly.
  • Be very careful while removing and installing an E-bike battery, as the battery can get damaged if you are not cautious enough.
  • Keys can be replicated by a professional locksmith, but make sure to take your e-bike to them while doing that.
  • Each battery comes with its unique key, and no other key can be used to open that e-bike battery.


It is not very common to lose the keys of an e-bike, and it can be annoying if you end up losing your keys. Now that you know how to remove the e-bike battery without key, you can make use of either of the methods described above. 

But, it is always recommended to follow these methods only in terms of emergencies as these have a high chance of hurting the battery. Always keep the battery in a secure location after unlocking the battery casing and retrieving it to reuse it for a different reason.

A mechanical engineer became an active blogger, and it’s James Miller. Well, the journey of his blogging started more than a decade ago. As a mechanical engineer, he started his professional career as a technical assistant in a renowned automotive industry and later joined an e-bike manufacturing company as a quality in charge. James created this site “Bikerreview” to share his decade of experience with e-bikes. He wants to help the people who are newly looking for an e-bike and doesn’t have any prior knowledge about that.

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