How to Transport a Bike without A Rack?

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When you are traveling to a distant place, you would definitely want to carry your bike with you if you’ve got a car rack. It’s the most convenient way to carry the bike to the back of your car. But what if you don’t have a bike rack?

Although it does get a bit difficult to attach a bike to your car without a rack, it’s not an impossible task, either. There are a few simple ways you can easily take your bike with you, which may include a few nifty methods.

You can easily fold your bike and put it in the trunk of your vehicle. If you can adjust a bit, it’s also possible to carry the bike inside your car, too. Apart from that, you can also keep the bike on the back or on the top of your vehicle using bungee or nylon ropes. 

Let’s find out how to transport a bike without a rack!

Methods to Transport a Bike without A Rack

Let’s discuss some of the easiest ways you can transport a bike from one place to another in your vehicle!

Method 01: Carrying the Bike Inside the Car

The first and the most obvious way to carry your bike is to place it inside the car. This is not as simple as it sounds for all types of bikes. It gets a bit tricky and tough if the bike is a bit larger. However, if you follow these steps, it’s easy as pie.

How to Transport a Bike without A Rack

Firstly, clean your bike before you put it inside. You can use wipes and brushes to clean off the dirt, dust, and mud from the bike. Don’t spare the chain, pedal, and the inner side of the wheels, too.

Secondly, take off the wheels. This will give you a larger hollow space to fit the bike in.

Thirdly, fold down the rear seat. It’s possible if the bike’s seat allows you to. If it does, then you should definitely.

Fourthly, cover the bike chain with a large piece of paper to prevent the grease from falling off your car’s surface.

Finally, you can lay the bike down on the rear seat of your car, or you can also place the parts perpendicularly on the ground, whichever takes the least space. If possible, use a rope or tie to tie the bike to prevent it from falling off while the vehicle bumps on the road.

Method 02: Carrying Bike on The Top of The Car

Don’t want to keep it inside your car? Well, there’s another way to do it. Place the bike on the top of your car. Here’s how you can do it without a rack!

Firstly, you need to take off the front wheel. This way, you can carry the bike with its handlebar facing upward. You can place a rubber pad underneath the bike to keep it from leaving a scratch mark on the car’s surface.

Secondly, you need a strong bungee rope or strap to tie the bike. Place the bike in the middle of the vehicle roof. If you are using a ratchet strap, you need to keep the webbing into the slot in the mid-section of the spool you are placing. You need to drag the rope through the window of the vehicle for the best knot. However, you may need to keep the window open for this.

Remember! While you are tying the bike on top of your vehicle, you need to make sure you are using the right type of rope. Apart from the Rachet strap, you can also use the following tying options.

  • Rope: This is the cheapest option you’ve got. You can get it from anywhere around your house or even at the local stores. It provides a moderate level of security.
  • Bungee Cords: Bungee cords do a great job of keeping the wheels from spinning. Consider using bungee cords with the ropes.

Finally, you need to cover the bike up with a large tarp. It will protect the bike from falling down and also from getting damaged by dirt and rain.

Method 3: Keeping the Bike in The Trunk of The Vehicle

Another simple way to carry your bike with you without a rack is to place it inside the car trunk. The process is similar to keeping it inside the car. You need to disassemble it as described previously and make enough room in the trunk. Then simply put it there and carry it on!

Is It Possible to Fit 2 Bikes in A Car Without A Rack?

Well, yes, it’s possible. To do this, you need to take off the front wheel from both bikes. Now, you need to place the rear wheel on top of the folded front seat while its handlebar side is facing the trunk. You need to create an X shape for this with the two bikes. This way, you can easily fit two bikes inside the car.

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Useful Tips for Carrying Bikes on The Car

Here are some quick tips that you need to follow to safely carry the bike with you without a rack.

  • Make sure to cover the bike even if it’s inside your car to prevent it from scratching the doors and inner walls of the car.
  • Don’t leave the bike inside the car when the temperature outside is pretty hot, as it may increase the air pressure.
  • Check government regulations before you carry the bike on your roof. Some regions do have some limiting regulations for carrying transport items on the vehicle roof.

Final Words

Well, that’s how exactly you transport a bike without a rack. You either totally disassemble it and put it inside your car or tie it on the vehicle roof with some ropes through the windows. Also, you can put the bike in the car trunk, too, if you don’t have enough space inside the car. If it’s a hot summer day, you may want to carry it inside the car. However, for regular days, tying it on the roof should be a proper method to carry it with you!

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